• Ladybugs Park

Ladybugs Park

    • 4 seats 16 people 200kg / cabin
    • Running time and speed adjustable
    • Area: φ5.5m * H2.5m
    • 3KW



    1.Color and size of the ladybugs park could be customized.

    2.Easy to install, operate and maintain.

    3.best FRP materialls and cabins decorations

    4. beautiful and funfair new rides with ladybugs living things characters

    5.exciting swing and rotation movements with colorful LED lights flashing;porcelain designd with dynamic music, best funny for kids and adults rides

    6.Widely used in amusement parks, squares, supermarket, carnivals and other outdoor activities

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daisy@prodigy-rides.com +86 18595691506