Investment Solutions

1.1 Amusement Park Positioning

Investment to amusement park must consider the group characteristics of target tourists first, which is the foundation of address selection, product selection, amusement park design and investment scale.

1.2 Amusement Park Site Selection

Amusement park projects are different, so it is necessary to give attention to the site selection and reach a consensus in the construction phase. Shopping malls, supermarket, commercial establishments are preferred addresses for indoor amusement park, and tourist attractions, funfairs, carnivals for outdoor amusement park.

1.3 Amusement Park Product Selection

The most important thing of product selection is not "large" or "expensive", but "according with the project positioning and possessing high quality and safety", then to select the best supplier based on your demand.

Investment Solutions

Operation Training

Prodigy rides takes part in the operation and management of indoor and outdoor amusement parks, whether they are small amusement parks with small coverage, or large-scale amusement parks with areas of thousands of square meters. So our team has accumulated enough experience and has the ability, according to the actual circumstances of each customer, to customize your own operations and management plan.

Operation Training
Operation Management System

Amusement rides operations and management system not only relate to the safety of tourists, but also determines the effectiveness and success of the investment. So it should be given the same attention just as the site and rides. Prodigy Rides suggests investors to recruit staffs with experience of operating equipments, and set up a professional management team, then train the safety knowledge and equipment operation for all the staff to enhance safety awareness and sense of responsibility.

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