Mechanical Design

*Determine bearing mode of devices, and appearance of the cockpit.

*Determine perfect mechanical structure as well as decorative composition with integration and realistic simulation.

*Guarantee a smooth operation.

 Mechanical Design
Appearance Customization

*Fully understand clients' cultural background, amusement park theme and style to determine the basic line of product design.

*Ask and know about customers' products orientation that belongs to the landscape orientation or business orientation to determine the product regulation.

*Fully master the operation mode of devices, and explore the best entry point.

FRP Carving Customization

*Select appropriate shaping material to do the main appearance carving.

*Carving mechanical components, consistent with appearance.

*Adjust and optimize the main structure, and complete carving the whole models.

Color Customization

*Follow high standard, accord with technical requirements strictly, and do good mechanical electrical production preparation.

*Bind realistic appearance and perfect mechanical structures together to produce high quality products.

Color Customization
Finishing Debugging

*GB cockpit load test in accordance with safety standards.

*The whole machine condition test in accordance with the national standard requirements.

*Perfect delivery to customers. +86 18595691506